Medea Turashvili

Medea has more than ten years of research, analytical and advocacy experience in various local and international organizations, including Ombudsman’s Office of Georgia, International Crisis Group, European Centre for Minority Issues and Caucasian House. She has been researching conflicts, human rights, forced migration, democracy and social transformation in the South Caucasus. She is an author of various articles and has contributed to the publications of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), International Alert, Slovak Foreign Policy Association,and European Centre for Minority Issues and the Carter  at George Mason University. Currently she is a PhD student at the Department of Conflict Analysis and Conflict Management at Tbilisi State University, Georgia. She is researching factors, contributing to conflict escalation. She holds MA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights from Utrecht University, Netherlands and BA in Political Science from METU, Turkey. 

Areas of expertise: Human Rights and conflict prevention; Conflict transformation; peace building; Gender and conflicts, forced displacement and migration, democratization, ethnic and religious minority issues.