Johnny G. Melikyan

Johnny G. Melikyan is a Yerevan-based analyst and political scientist, focusing on the on regional developments, domestic and foreign policy, as well as on the security and conflict resolution in the South Caucasus.
He is currently working as a Senior Research Fellow at the Orbeli Center, a think tank created by the SNCO “Public Relations and Information Center” of Staff of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (since 2019). He previously worked as Research Fellow at the Center for regional Studies, Public Administration Academy of RA (2014-2021) and as an Expert at the Government funded think tank Noravank Foundation (2015-2016).
Johnny Melikyan was a policy adviser, invited expert and consultant for several Armenian government and international organizations, including RA National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Relations (2017-2021), RA National Assembly Standing Committee on Eurasian and Regional integration (2019-2021), RA Security Council (2019-2020), Brussels-based International Crisis Group (2011-2014) and London-based Amnesty International (2012-2017). In 2009-2010 he was a visiting scholar at the International School for Caucasus Studies, Ilia State University (Tbilisi, Georgia).
He is the co-author of the monograph and author of more than 10 Academic papers in different Armenian and International journals. Mr. Melikyan is a graduate from the Faculty of Political Science, Russian-Armenian University. Currently is working on his PhD in Political science.