About Us

The project of Eurasia Democratic Security Network (EDSN) is implemented by the Center for Social Sciences with the generous funding of National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The project aims to create a network of prominent scholars working on the topics of Euro-Atlantic integration and conditionality.  The platform advocates for the restoration and maintenance of Euro-Atlantic conditionality and expansion as both a peacemaking and economic dynamizing force. Particularly aimed to aspirant states, it advocates for liberal democratization on its own merits, such as through the increasingly and variously established linkages between democracy, national security, and economic development. The network seeks to articulate specific strategies for achieving higher performance in key policy realms that do not necessarily rely on the structures of Euro-Atlantic conditionality for realization. Key areas include: defense and security (e.g. enhanced transparency in armed forces, civilian oversight, etc.); economic development (e.g. anti-corruption policies, private property protection, etc.); and liberal democratization (e.g. electoral rights, fair use of so-called administrative resources for political purposes, etc.). The network advocates for Euro-Atlantic conditionality as a viable and necessary policy while also describing alternative options—such as bilateral arrangements, regional structures, ad hoc coalitions, and the like.   See project staff.