POLICY BRIEFING: Georgian Perceptions & Cautious Conditionality

By Levan Kakhishvili

The 2015 Caucasus Barometer Survey demonstrates that for more than half of Georgians, democracy is not necessarily the most preferable form of government. In fact, only some 47 percent of the population thinks that democracy is better than other types of government.

[Download the Policy Brief (PDF)]

0001 (3)While such numbers are concerning, they are not necessarily atypical compared to global views of democracy. However, 2017 survey data suggests that 71 percent of Georgians would vote for membership in the EU should there be a referendum.

This high—and durable—level of support for the EU is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is an opportunity in the sense that EU conditionality could be leveraged to make Georgia more democratic.  However, as the process of Europeanization involves social and economic changes that can contribute to social backlash and increased populism—and considering the public’s lack of consensus on the normative merits of democracy— conditionality should be implemented with caution and in consideration of local realities…

[Download the Policy Brief (PDF)]

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